Always Here ch. 4
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With damp, mahogany curls falling down her back, Vanessa stood, with a fluffy, baby pink towel encasing her body, in front of the steamed over mirror in her bathroom. Taking a hand to clear some of the steam away, enabling her to see her reflection, she gave a little smile at the two ruddy bruises, either side of her neck, closing her eyes and letting the moans and pants flood back to her. She could picture herself with almost frightening clarity, writhing on the floor as Zac's lips teased at her neck, his wet tongue flicking out every so often, eliciting a whimper, a yelp.

"You mad?"

Vanessa glanced at Zac's reflection in the mirror that was on his bathroom wall, confused. "Mad? No. Why would I be?"

Zac, who had been observing his girlfriend for a while, had noticed her slim fingers running over the mark he had left the previous night, tracing delicately the outline of it. He shrugged now, walking closer to her, and wrapping his arms around her waist, gently kissing the area that had so fascinated her. "I just thought…maybe you thought it was too big." He met her smiling eyes in the mirror and she giggled at his thought.

"Baby, you're leaving for three months - three long months - you could've made it four times larger for all I care," she relaxed into his body, resting her head against the bare chest.

"You sure about that?" He asked deviously.

"Very." She replied in a sultry tone.

He dipped his head again, his nose brushing over a decided spot on the right side of her neck, as though he were catching the scent of his prey. It began with soft kisses, moving across her neck, always to return to that chosen spot. He took the flesh into his mouth, sucking on it softly, his lips smiling against her skin as she groaned, wrapping a hand around the back of his neck, holding him closer to increase the pressure.

She left the bathroom with a smile on her face, a twinkle in her eyes, and walked briskly, to avoid the cold air, to her bedroom. Once inside the warmth of the room, she habitually glanced at her phone, but it only served to remove the perk in her step when she date glared back at her: 2/14/08.

As a child, and even as a teen, Valentine's is the biggest, most important day; you'd get together with your friends and compare the number of cards you'd been given; eliminating as you went, the cards from those you weren't interested in; it was only ever the guys you really liked that counted. But, on days like this, when Vanessa found herself alone on Valentine's, she would begin to think that Valentine's day would find her happiest if she were single.


"Hey," Gina said, as Vanessa walked through the kitchen door, a distant look on her face. "You were up early, where were you?"

"I needed some air," she explained, slipping off her dark cardigan and draping it over one of the kitchen stools. "So I went and got a smoothie." She raised her hand slightly, holding up the empty - save of a few ice blocks - smoothie cup to her mother. "Where'd the flowers come from?" A voice said from behind her. Turning, she saw her little sister, her hair in a messy pony tail, still in her pyjamas, holding a teddy. "Flowers?" Vanessa asked, confused. She then rolled her eyes, having completely forgotten about the bunch of flowers she held in her hand. "Oh, right, some paparazzi guy gave 'em to me. Not in a creepy way." She added abruptly. "Just being friendly y'know. I guessed it was cuz Zac's not here, they were all 'Happy Valentine's, Vanessa'," she shrugged, and asked her mother for a vase. "So I took them." She stroked the soft petals between her fingers, sighing to herself.

"How are you doing, sweetie?" Her mother asked sympathetically.

Her mind leaving the flowers, Vanessa rolled her eyes again at the look on her mother and sister's faces. "You guys make it sound like he's been drafted into the war, or something, he's only filming in England." She reminded them. "I guess…I do wish he was here, it being Valentine's and all, but it could be worse, and we both knew that stuff like this would happen when we got together and things started to blow up, so…" she exhaled deeply, her eyes dropping down to the gold band that glistened on her right hand as the early sun glanced through the window. "It's just how it goes, I guess." She concluded, smiling sadly. Her eyes narrowed as she saw her mother and sister exchange a quick, knowing glance. "What?" She asked slowly, looking between the two of them, and sitting upright on the kitchen stool she occupied.

"Well, as it's Valentine's," her mother started before being interrupted by Stella who added:

"The biggest day in a couple's calendar."

"Zac wanted us to give you this," Gina dipped her hand under the breakfast counter, to the spot where she had hidden the gift. "Here." She held out a thin rectangular box, black, with a glittered silver bow tied elegantly around it. "And this," she kissed her daughter's cheek. "Is also from him." She trusted her hand towards her daughter once more, who was too stunned to act.

"Open it!" Demanded Stella, who couldn't withhold her excitement, even though she knew the gift enclosed in the box.

"Okay, okay," Vanessa laughed, slowly lifting the lid from the small box. "Ohh…" she gasped as the item glinted. The lid now fully off, she saw, laying inside, a silver bracelet, comprised of tiny links, with a single heart dangling elegantly from it. "My, God," she whispered as she flipped the charm delicately over and saw a single 'V' engraved onto the back, the letter following the curve of the heart.

"It's for love and protection," Stella explained, smiling widely.

"I'm sure Zac would've liked to have been the one to tell her that, Stel," her mother laughed, Stella mumbling an apology.

"Don't worry," Vanessa said, throwing an arm around her sister's shoulder and pulling her into a hug. "I won't tell." Extending her wrist to her mother, she sighed as the bracelet was clipped onto her wrist. A minute after, a familiar tune sounded from her phone that was buried deep into her bag. "It's him!" She said excitedly, rummaging for the item.

"He's punctual," Gina said, before going on to explain her comment. "We had to plan what time he'd call because, obviously, he couldn't call before we'd given it to you. He's right on the dot."

Vanessa smiled smugly at yet another perfect quality of her boyfriend's as she pulled out the phone and glanced over at her mother, who promptly said:

"We'll give you some privacy." And ushered Stella towards the door.

"Can I speak to him?" Stella asked.

"Later," replied Vanessa impatiently, itching to hear the smooth voice of Zac. Unable to wait until the two of them had cleared the threshold, Vanessa pressed the phone to her ears. "Hey," she beamed.

"Zac!" Stella yelled. "You need to come home, Vanessa's taking flowers from other men!" She said in a sing-song voice.

"OUT!" Cried Vanessa, pointing furiously to the kitchen door and groaning. "Now that the little pipsqueak has gone," she said. "Hey, Happy Valentines." her voice softened.

"Happy Valentines to you too, baby. Now, what's this about guys giving you flowers?" Zac asked curiously, his voice light despite the seriousness in his baritone voice.

"Don't listen to her," Vanessa said, huffing, moving over to the bin as she spoke to dispose of the smoothie flask. "It's no big deal: I was out earlier - by the way, they've got this awesome new smoothie you have to taste the second you get back - pineapple and kiwi fruit - Ugh! - and there were a couple photographers. They wished me Happy Valentines and gave me a bunch of flowers - that's it. They weren't being creepy or anything so I took them." She shrugged, wishing to drop the mind-numbing subject and discuss something she really cared about: the gift.

"I don't mind that you took them, I just want you to be careful, okay?"

"Yes, Dad." She mocked, rolling her eyes.

"Van, I'm serious. They know that I'm not here with you, so this is the perfect time to start sucking up. I just don't want them getting over-familiar with you, you're hardly huge and imposing, I just want you to be safe - at night especially."

"Babe, I get it, okay? But…I can't stay locked up inside, I need to leave my house. If it was up to you and Dad, I'd have secret service protection every time I step out to go to the trash can, but I can't live like that. I can handle myself. You've got to stop worrying, 'kay? You guys have already stocked me up on that pepper spray and put that with those boxing moves Corbin showed me? Pfft, they're the ones that are going to need to be careful." She giggled.

"Ohh, Kick-ass Van's out to play…I like her," Zac teased, gnawing on his bottom lip as he picture her in a tight leather get up, ala Jane Smith.

"Your kinky fantasies are showing themselves again, I see."

"You say fantasies, I say future plans." He replied casually as Vanessa laughed. Checking the time on his dressing room wall, he sighed, quietly enough that Vanessa couldn't hear him, and flopped into the small cream sofa, his legs, clad in a pair of navy trousers, dangling over the side. "So…did you get the gift I left?"

"Yes." Vanessa replied, her smile almost audible on the other side of the line. "Baby, it's so incredibly, insanely, amazingly gorgeous! I love it! I love you. It's perfect, everything about it is." She perched herself back on the breakfast stall, spinning on it as she spoke, and marvelling at the beauty of the small heart that hung on her wrist.

"You do, really?" Zac asked. He'd been one hundred per cent confident that she would, but he felt no greater satisfaction that when he heard her express her happiness and gratitude for the gesture. "I saw it and…it was almost like it called to me, I saw you with it straight away," he said proudly.

"It's perfect. I feel bad, though, you said we would do Valentines when you came home and I didn't get you anything."

"Ahh, come on, you know I don't care about that, we can still celebrate when I get home…or…Utah, whatever. I know these last few months haven't been the easiest for you, and I thought you deserved a little something and I wanted you to know that even though I'm not here, I'm always thinking about you."

"I love you, Zac, more than anything."

"Not more than I love you."

"Do you think we've turned into those sickening smushy couples that no one can stand be around?" Vanessa question, her dark eyebrows furrowing.

"Nah…" Zac said, immediately dismissing the idea. "No way are we one of those…we're just those super touchy-feely couples that get teased on our level of horniness." He burst out laughing at Vanessa's gasp. "Oh! Before I forget, there's a card too,"

"A card? Mom didn't give me one." As she spoke, she walked over and opened the kitchen door, about to alert her mother to the fact she had missed a part of Zac's gift.

"No, that was something your Mom doesn't know about," Vanessa paused, the door still open. "I hid it up in your room, it's under your bed by the wall."

"'Kay," she said as she jogged up the stairs excitedly. "I can't find it," she whined a few minutes later with a pout on her face, her head slumped into her free hand.

"You're just not looking properly," Zac said. "Get under there - really crawl!" He joked. "Still nothing?" Vanessa replied in the negative, her lip trembling dramatically as she answered. "It's on the side where you sleep, right by the wall."

"Ugh!…Yay!" She squealed. "I got it, I got it!" Zac chuckled, picturing her in the room doing a happy dance triumphantly, bowing to an invisible audience.

"I told you."

"You want me to read it aloud?" She asked, as she delicately tore the soft pink envelope open, a large glittering heart leaping out at her as the card revealed itself.

"Nah…" Zac shook his head, momentarily forgetting that he could not be seen. "If you read it aloud, I might regret how cheesy it sounds." He blushed and cringed at the same time, still keeping a watchful eye on the time.

"Ah…girls love cheese, don't you know that?" She laughed, and then, in dark humour added, "How d'ya think Disney make all their money?" trailing off in a giggle. "This card's beautiful, Zac," she gushed as she saw the intricately designed card; the large, main heart, comprised with smaller, more detailed hearts, each engraved with love quotes.

"It was the only one that even came close to saying how much I love you, so…" slightly embarrassed, he raised his hand, about to tussle his russet mane, but remembering how long the hairstylist had spent smoothing it into it's 1930's glory, he thought better of it, placing his hand across his stomach.

"Thank you!" She said in a high voice, chewing on her bottom lip almost nervously as she read the first few lines of the message in Zac's handwriting.


Zac xxxxxx

A card seems pretty inadequate to describe what I feel for you. In these last two years, you've made me happier than I've ever thought possible. Everything you do, brings a smile to my face, and each day I hear your voice, see you smile, I thank whatever power that bought us together. You've made me see what love really is. It's something that you can never prepare for, it hits you when you least expect it, but when it's right, it's the most beautiful thing you can feel and I thank you for being that girl.

You're my sweetheart, for today, tomorrow, forever.

With more love than anyone else could ever give you,

Vanessa, though overwhelmed by emotion, didn't realise how deeply touched she was by those words, until a single tear drop, seemingly out of no where, landed on Zac's words, and ran down the fold of the card, on to the floor.

"Are you okay?" Zac asked when he heard her sniffle, and her breaths shake.

"I'm great!" She said amidst the flow of tears. "I really am. I've had the most fucked up last few months but - God, none of this makes sense to me - but my life…it feels so perfect right now." Exhaling, she bought her hand over her face, erasing the tears with one single wipe. "I feel like nothing else matters; the pictures, paparazzi," as she said that, she walked over to her window pulling the curtains an inch to the side and peering out, where she saw a herd of camera men setting up for the day, some involved in a spat over who had the best spot and better chance of pictures. "I have you," she smiled. "And…you seem - even when you're not particularly trying - to make everything better, to wrap me in this little utopian bubble where it's just the two of us…and…I love you for that, more than you could possibly imagine, Zac, I do…I really do."

Zac cleared his throat as she spoke, trying to dislodge a lump that had formed. "I…I'm the guy, I'm not meant to cry." Zac laughed. "I love you too, and it kills me right now that I can't be there with you - to see your face when you opened the box, to put the bracelet on your unfeasibly small wrist -" Vanessa gasped and Zac told her not to live in denial. "But, the fact that you know how much I love you, that's all I want."

"Mission completed, then, I'd say," Vanessa beamed, still transfixed with the card, the words seeming to jump off the page at her.

In twenty minutes, they'd spoken about almost everything, and yet, there was so much more to be said; there never seemed to be enough time. Vanessa had been watching the clock herself as they spoke, as she'd made a particular effort to memorize Zac's schedule, but sighed nonetheless when Zac's solemn voice said:

"Babe," cutting her off as she was on the brink of starting yet another story, as though if she continued to engage him, he'd never have to leave.

Sighing, she felt her body deflate, her back hunching and sinking into her bed. "You have to go, don't you?"

Zac didn't answer the question directly, stung by the desolate tone in which her question was asked. "I'll call you tonight?" He always found it polite to ask, rather than assume, not wanting her to feel obliged to wait in for his call.

"Tonight?" she mused. "My time or yours?"

"Ahh…hold on," rapidly he begun the calculations in his mind, but before they were completed, Vanessa grumbled, with the tone resembling that of a spoilt child:

"Time differences suck."

"Yeah, I know. Let's see…I get off today - well, tomorrow, actually - around…let's say: two/three; so, for you, it'd be six/seven. It takes me about a half hour to get back to the hotel, so add that in. So, I'll call between six and seven thirty, your time. …Kay?"

"Yeah," she sighed, feeling as though it wasn't soon enough. "Just another six hours and…twelve minutes - at the best." Like a boomerang, the words seemed to echo and fly back at her. She flinched; "Ouch, I really shouldn't have said that out loud."

"I was thinking the exact same thing," Zac moaned. "I really have to go now. I'll call as soon as I can."

"You better," Vanessa laughed, forcing her mood to lift. "Stella's dying to talk to you - she'll probably be watching the clock more intently than me - if that's possible - she really loves this whole idea of you guys being…I don't know…like…partners in crime or whatever." She rolled her eyes, laughing.

"She was amazing in this whole thing; sometimes she'd text me and be all like "Van's just walked past the jewellery store, I think she's just noticed the bracelet!" and then I'd text back: "Distract her!". It was the best." Zac chuckled. "Tell her that I said she's awesome and that I couldn't have done it without her super-cool spy talents."

"Gosh, that's going to make her day." The smile on Vanessa's face was so bright, that it, at a quick glance, you'd believe the compliment had been paid to her rather than Stella. Every time she witnessed her boyfriend treat others - her family especially - with such respect, and regard, she felt her heart soar at the man he was. "I'll let you go. I love you." She said softly.

"I love you too, baby. You better hang up first, though, I don't I can bear to do it."

"Now, that was definitely cheesy!" Vanessa teased, hugging to her body the pillow of Zac's that she'd taken to sleeping with after his departure. "'Kay, I'm going…love you." And with that, for herself as much as for Zac, the call came to an abrupt end, her finger tapping the on-screen icon the end call. "I love you." She whispered to herself with a sigh as she stared at his smiling picture - her favourite him, taken a few months ago when they'd gone to visit his parents. She loved the relaxing aura that seemed to surround him whenever he was on his on ground, family soil - as it faded from the screen.


Whilst in the kitchen, cutting the crusts off of her tuna fish sandwich, Vanessa heard a contented sigh float from the living room and surround her. Following the path made by that sigh, Vanessa shuffled to her living room, where her dad was seated, his hands behind his head, semi-reclined in the sofa.

"Hey, Daddy," Vanessa chirped, gesturing for her father to make room for her so she could sit - her body being so small, Greg only had to shift himself and inch or so to accommodate his daughter. "Whatcha doin'?" her voice was melodic, sounding as though at any second she would turn the question into a full harmony. Waiting for her dad to answer, she adjusted the large cream FREE CITY hoodie she wore, pulling it down so it covered as much of her legs as possible, shielding it from the light February breeze that slipped through the panes of glass that were the window.

Before Greg responded, he chuckled heartily as she sunk her teeth into the wholemeal bread. "Still cutting your crust," he said, his chest heaving with each guffaw.

Raising a pained hand to her heart, Vanessa, who had set her sandwich down to enable a reply said, "It's completely normal to not like crusts - millions don’t, you know?"

"Do millions gag every time they see an Eggplant?" He teased.

"The human mind," she remonstrated, "is a very complex thing, I'll have you know." She added, tilting her head upwards, in a snobby kind of way, before dropping her pose and laughing. "Anyway, you never answered. What are you doing?"

"I just watched OK Corral--"

"What? No way! Why didn't you call me? I love that movie." Vanessa whined, scowling at her father.

"I didn't even think you'd remember it." Greg said, his eyebrows knitting into one in surprise.

"'Course I remember it," she scoffed. "I used to watch it with you and Grandpa when I was younger." She saw Greg's eyes begin to twinkle at the memory, so quickly went on to repair the situation. "We should rent it before I leave, watch it together." She suggested, hugging her dad when he nodded in agreement.

"How's Zac doing?" Greg asked, thinking that it had been awhile since he'd heard any mention of the young man.

"Good," Greg laughed silently, unnoticed by Vanessa, at the excitement that had entered her voice, sure that if he listened intently enough, he'd be able to hear the extra beats in her heart. "He keeps saying what an adventure it is to film a movie so different to anything he's done before - he's having a blast. It keeps raining though, and he said it's ridiculously cold."

"Ahh…must be hard for a Cali boy,"

"Yeah, he's starting to look really pale - I keep teasing him that by the time he comes home he's going to look like Casper." She giggled sneakily.

"How are you?" He asked tenderly, concerned with his daughter's well-being.

"You know." she answered simply, her small shoulders raising as she shrugged.

"When you were little," Greg began, his voice lower than it had previously been. "And we'd put you into a new class - tap, singing, drama - we'd always ask you if you'd liked it when we came to pick you up. If you were really enthusiastic, then we knew to leave you there," Greg had always loved that aspect of children; the honesty. He always believed that no matter how young a child was, you could trust them to tell you the truth because the world was yet to teach them to lie and make excuses. "But, if all you said was "You know" we'd know to move you and start looking around for a different class, because it meant that you didn't like it, and never wanted to go back."

"I guess, then, I haven't changed that much; I don't like this and I never want to come back to this place of feeling like I do. Daddy? Love sucks! And I hate it." As she spoke, she theatrically wrapped her arms around Greg, and threw her head onto his chest, mumbling to him all the while that he was wrong when he told her that she didn't hate love. "I do, I do hate it. I hate anything that makes me feel this…this empty." She concluded. "Don't get me wrong," she quickly said, making sure that her comment wasn't misinterpreted. "I love you guys, you know that and I'm not saying you, Mom and Stella aren't enough. It's just that, Zac gives me this thing, I don't even know what it is, it's like…a…tingle or something, I don't know," she laughed at how ridiculous she could have been sounding at that moment, professing her love for her boyfriend. "But, when he's gone, I don't have that." She sighed and then glanced up between her long lashes to her dad and said, "I sound really pathetic, don't I?"

Kissing her head, in an age old gesture, he returned, "Not pathetic, sweetie, just lovesick."

Aurora and Prince Philip, Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine and Aladdin. Perfect depictions of romance. Perfect, flawed depictions of romance. As long as there have been children and fairytales, there has been one big question: do you take away a child's innocence and arm them with true knowledge of love and other such subjects or do you leave them to believe that love comes around the corner, leaving them in perpetual bliss? Vanessa, having viewed one too many Disney cartoons, was one of those children to believe in the bliss of love, but she was now feeling extremely bitter towards said cartoons who failed to prepare her. Never did a small note appear among the credits to inform her: Unfortunately, Prince Philip had to leave for, what seemed like to the two of them, an obscene amount of time, to carry out his Prince-y duties, leaving Aurora alone and pining for him. No, instead, she was left to fall in love without warning and then have the heart-wrenching pain of separation slowly kill her - she was certain that would be her cause of death.

Lovesickness sucked!

Always Here ch. 3
In the space of forty-five minutes Zac had managed to transform his living room. The previously garish lights had been dimmed and tea light candles had been erected throughout the kitchen and living room, giving the space the gift of subtle lighting. He had never had enough space for a dinner table, so instead, he had moved all of his furniture, pushing it against the back wall of the living room and had positioned the small square coffee table that had lain in front of his couch, in the centre of the room, putting two large floor cushions down beside the table.

His arm stretched towards Vanessa, who immediately took his hand. "Madam, Hudgens', if you would like to take a seat." Guiding her towards the cushions, Zac's chest swelled with pride as Vanessa's eyes wandered around the romantic setting. How had he accomplished it? The furniture had been pushed aside but it didn't look cluttered; he had arranged it into almost a compact square. Tea Lights had not been set near that area so her eyes were not continually drawn to the pile.

She watched Zac curiously as he bustled around in the dim kitchen before emerging with two plates in hand. The smell of the dish danced up from the plate, greeting Vanessa happily as Zac set them down before her.

"On the menu tonight," he said, as he took his place beside her, crossing his legs to give himself enough space. "Is Spicy Crab Linguine - it's the Chef's special." He laughed.

Cutlery in hand, Vanessa twirled the linguine around her fork in anticipation. As it rose to her mouth, her mouth began to water; the scent of the white wine and spicy chilli cajoling her senses. Her eyelids flickered shut momentarily as the dish made contact with her delicate palette. "You made this?" She asked. Could Zac have really prepared something of such quality?

He nodded smugly as he tasted it himself, confirming that it actually was good.

"No delivery guys, take out boxes?" She knew he wouldn't lie to her but continued the light-hearted banter, all the while holding a look of suspicion on her face.


Once again, having finished dinner and continuing their never-ending flirtatious banter, Zac disappeared.

"And for dessert, my choc obsessed, baby, we have..." His arms came from around his back, revealing a small white fondue set. "Fondue!"

Clapping excitedly Vanessa hurried him towards the table. As he stepped closer, she saw he was accompanied with a few extra treats. One bowl of fluffy white marshmallows, one of ruby red strawberries, identifiable by their sweet aroma and, finally, Vanessa's favourites - kiwi's.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" She asked as Zac set the fondue out, flicking through the instructions.

Striking a match to light the tea light and get the chocolate melted, he replied, "You have, but I never tire from hearing it."

"In that case," as she was still cross-legged by the table, Zac, who was standing tall, was unreachable, so instead, she craned her neck and brushed kisses along his defined arms. "I, Vanessa Anne Hudgens," the light kisses continued. "Am hopelessly, truly, madly and so, so deeply, in love with you, Mr. Zachary David Alexander-" His last name, was left standing on her lips as Zac swooped down, locking their lips together.

"And, I with you, Ms. Hudgens." He smiled. The chocolate fully melted (thanks to Vanessa who sped up the process by sneaking pieces from the warming pot), Zac picked up one of the mini skewers and asked, "What can I get for you?" His hand hovered over each selection as if he were at a showcase.

"Hmmm..." Vanessa squinted, trying to make the tough decision. "I'll take...a marshmallow. No! Strawberry. Wait, no, yeah marsh- no, no, strawberry."

Laughing at her indecisiveness, Zac said, "You sure? I can always put them on a kebab stick and give you all three at once." When Vanessa whacked his arm, he continued to laugh. One day he was going to tell her that he never felt the hits her small hand dealt.

The strawberry, rolled in fine Belgium chocolate, brushed across Vanessa's lips. Moaning as the combo sank into her mouth, she smiled. Zac had placed a candle close to her face so he could see her every reaction and as she swallowed the remaining strawberry, the light danced across her lips, exposing the vibrant red blush that had stained them. Unable to resist, Zac's head dipped towards her as her eyes opened and he gently sucked the sweet syrup off her lips. He could taste the chocolate on his tongue as it dove into Vanessa's sweet mouth, making acquaintances with each hidden corner of the cavern.

Sighing as they parted, she asked, "Do I get one of those for every strawberry?" She chewed at her lip, sensually.

His heart trembling faster with the question, his blood rushing south he answered, "Oh, I think that could be arranged."


"I do believe you've been holding out on me, Efron," Vanessa sighed. They were stretched out on the floor, the cushions beneath them providing comfort, and were wrapped in each others arms.

"You're definitely mistaken. You have been getting all of me. Every. last. bit." As her head rose from his chest and she gazed up at him, Zac threw her a wink before jiggling his thick eyebrows.

"Nah, I still think you've been holding back. I'm going to need some convincing that you're giving me your all."

The seriousness which was displayed on her face just intensified Zac's passion and as he rolled them over, positioning himself above her, his lips sucking in the delicate skin of her neck, he whispered, "If you insist."

He positioned himself carefully, his weight distributed between his right arm and knee, so that his other hand was free to roam across velvety skin of her body; dancing up her legs and slowly creeping up her stomach, the tips of his fingers occasionally brushing across her bare nipple, her hand squeezing his developing erection.

Pulling himself closer, Zac cupped the back of her thigh, raising it so she caged him in, as his wet tongue drew a circle on her neck, outlining his desired spot. As he sucked firmly on her flesh, he felt his body tingle in response to Vanessa's deep moans, he felt a sense of pride, achievement. After branding her, her continued to kiss her, it was then, when he was no longer distracted by the sweetness of her skin, that Zac really listened to the moans. It wasn't the breathy, pleading moan that it originally was, it was one of pain. He tore his lips from her, glancing up, to see her hands clutching at her foot, that had turned slightly red.

"Shit, are you okay?" He pushed himself off her, his hand rubbing at the injury.

"I banged it." She winced.

"Crap," he looked around them, registering the small amount of space they had been working with. "There really isn't enough space her for what we want to do, we should've seen that." His hand ran through his hair as he blew out the remaining candles, before scooping Vanessa into his arms and heading towards his bedroom, thankful that he knew so well the layout of his home, as the candles he had extinguished had been their only light source.

Her back hit the cool comforter and she stretched her arms towards Zac. "You were proving something to me, remember?" As she spoke she clawed at his obstructing shirt, stripping him free and throwing it into the darkness.

Crouched between her legs, he replied, "Of course." His body snaked down the bed, his kisses starting at her throbbing foot. As his lips climbed her inner thigh, his hands pushed at the edges of the hoodie she wore, until it was out of reach and she finished the job, pulling if over her head. Twitching, he loosened his jeans by pulling down the zipper to give himself the room to grow as he stared up at her. With the hoodie now gone, her chest was bare and she lay only in soft grey panties. There was little light surrounding them, with only the glow of the moonlight assisting them, but he didn't need light to see Vanessa. He knew her blind, and at that moment saw her clearly, her round breast heaving in anticipation.

Suppressing his screaming urges, he kissed her slowly as he slid her panties down her legs. This was their last night. Nothing was to be rushed. It was going to be slow and tender, the ending of their union blissful and sweet. She had been in this position many times prior; her legs spread, with Zac nestled between them, but despite the amount of times she had experienced the sensation, she could never prepare herself for that feeling that powered through her when she felt his tongue against her; moving swiftly, but holding back, taking it's time.

A scorching heat built deep in the pit of her stomach as Zac continued to work; his tongue teasing her clit as it moved slightly quicker over the small bud. Her hips raised from the mattress and as her hand forcefully pushed his head closer to her, willing him to bring an end to the sweet torture, he parted her legs further, lifting the left one onto his broad shoulders. "Oh...God...OH!!" She threw her head back as she cried out at the sensations of his tongue gently pushing itself between her pulsing folds.

Zac smirked and released a deep breath when she shuddered beneath him, her body responding to the entry of his tongue into her opening.

"Fu-Ye-" she tried to speak with the few breaths she had within her but without success.

He knew she was close; the sharp breaths and incomplete words, coupled with the unceasing thrashing of her head, was a sure-fire sign of her impending release.

A guttural moan sounded as it hit her; her fire being doused. Her burning liquid oozed slowly out of her to Zac's awaiting tongue as she slowly drifted back down to Earth, waving goodbye to that far away planet of satisfaction she had become so familiar with. She could still feel Zac's tongue against her, cleaning her spilt juices without reservations, but it always felt distant as this stage; like an out of body experience. And then it left her, slowly tracing its way back up, dipping into her belly-button and pressing a kiss to her chest.

"God," she moaned several minutes later after she had returned to herself. Still unable to move fully, she stretched her arm to the side, wrapping it around Zac's neck, stroking the side of his face. Feeling him shuffle beside her, she turned and chuckled at the sight of him kicking off his jeans, the confinement of his erection becoming too much to bare. "You really ought to do something about that, you know."

"I ought to? And here I am thinking you cared about me."

"Well, you kind of exhausted me, so if you can hang on about...nine... ten hours, then I can care about you in the morning." With a giggle, she rolled over. and did convincing impersonation of somebody in a deep sleep, but she then found her self being whisked into the air, her body flush against Zac's who's back was laying flat against the bed.

"I can't hold out that long." He laughed attacking her softly with his lips.

It wasn't long before Zac too was completely naked - Vanessa having stripped away his boxers. Positions reversed he lay on top of her, his knee gently guiding her legs open as she frantically reached for the large rectangular box that was housed inside the small set of draws that lay open beside his bed. Tipping out the contents, she picked up one of the foil packages, tearing desperately at it's edges. For Zac, this stage served to heighten his arousal. As Vanessa's slim fingers rolled down his member, encasing him, his mind would drift back to their first time. He'd remember Vanessa gingerly handing him the condom and watching with curious eyes as he protected himself, before slowly pushing into her. Despite being more comfortable and adventurous, not much had changed since that night; their cries still filled the room as their bodies united and the moans that slipped through their lips remained deep and passionate, heartfelt.

Gripping tightly onto his shoulders, her eyes squeezed closed as he eased himself into her, allowing her to take every inch of him. She surrounded him - so wet and warm - and eventually, braced upon his trembling arms, Zac's hips began to move - slowly at first, but soon falling into its familiar rhythm. There were few things in life that Zac lived for but one of them - the one at the top of the list - was hearing Vanessa scream his name. He didn't know how it effected other guys, but it filled him with pride knowing he was the only one that knew what Vanessa liked, the only one able to bring about such pleasure.

She began to raise her hips, meeting each of his gratifying thrust, and using her remaining energy, wrapped an arm around his neck whilst kissing his neck. With each stroke she felt him deeper inside of her, felt them get closer - to both each other, and their peaks. It was coming to an end, they could both feel it; his trust were becoming more ragged and he fought to stay present; not succumbing to his looming orgasm until she was ready. Her back arched, pushing them closer together until there was less than an inch between them. "Babe..." she moaned. "I can feel it."

"Fuck...God, I'm cumming!" He gripped her waist with a force as it tore through him. He screamed as his body shuddered forcefully. As the fire rippled through his body, his movements never ended; pushing himself inside her with the rough jolts of his hips.

Sex had never defined their relationship - but God how she loved it. She was convinced that nobody in the world felt as she did while making love. It wasn't about the actions them self, it was about the fact that the man she loved, was loving her as deeply as he could. He wasn't holding back or only pleasing himself, it was something that they shared and he always made sure she enjoyed it just as he did - if not more. His eyes locked onto hers and that was all she needed. It was that look in his eyes, that cocktail of love and passion, as he looked at her that finished her off. She teetered on the edge for several moments before Zac succeeded in pushing her over. Her head threw back as her toes curled, after stilling briefly with shock, her body began to violently convulse, a moan charged through her. Unable to hold on any longer, her hands slipped from their place on Zac's shoulders and her body flopped, lifeless onto the bed. She could still her the coarse breathing of Zac, who hovered above before finally collapsing, having the presence of mind to shift his body to the side before falling on top of her.

"I love you." Vanessa whispered. Usually, Zac would be the first to whisper those fateful words after they made love, but now, it was Vanessa's turn. She needed, more than anything, for him to know what he meant to her. She needed to know that there wasn't a morsel of doubt in his mind when it came to the height and depth of love she felt for him. He had to know.

"I love you too." He replied with equal sincerity, pulling her tired body into his arms and kissing her forehead. For him, that was their good-bye. They had never been particularly good at them; it always involved a hug, kiss, a mumbled 'I'll miss you', and tears. But tonight, that simple gesture had said it all. They didn't need the long conversation or endless rounds of rough, loveless sex. No, all they needed was for the other to know they were loved and know that upon their return, they would be waiting, with open arms, with a warm bed, hug and kiss, their hearts as in tune as ever.

They lay together, worn. Only their breaths and cooling sweat the evidence of their love.


Shifting uncomfortably in her sleep, the humid air rousing her, Vanessa felt a pair of lips, brush against her warm forehead. Knowing instantly, by their soft texture, who they belonged to, she mumbled, "What time is it?"

Craning his head to make out the time displayed on his bedside clock, Zac replied, "Three-thirty."

"Why are you awake?" Her lids managed to pull themselves open. "You're gonna be tired tomorrow."

"Yeah, well, I hear Isle of Man's a pretty quite place - I'll have plenty of time to sleep there," he chuckled. Brushing a strand of hair from Vanessa's sleepy eyes, he said honestly, "I just...I felt like I had to watch you. I was asleep and I was having this dream about us. We were running along this beach and you were telling me to be quick, that we only had a little time left. Then I woke up and I felt like time was running out. I wanted to catch every little thing before I went - every time you murmured something, scrunched up your nose like you were gonna sneeze or snored-"

"I do not snore!" She said, suddenly alert and outraged.

Laughing, Zac disputed her statement. "Oh, alright then... It isn't really snoring, it's more of a-" he closed his eyes and began breathing deeply, mimicking the sounds of Vanessa's slumber. After taking in a few lungfuls of air, he then snorted loudly, the sounds reminiscent of a pig. He attempted to return to the peaceful breathing but burst into a roaring laughter as Vanessa's hand flew at him in her defence.

"Take it back!"

"But it's true!" He screamed, shielding himself.

"I do not snort." She mumbled indignantly.

"Awww, baby," with his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. "You do. ...But they're the most adorable snorts in the world. Does that help?"

"Maybe...a little." She pouted.

After a while silence fell and Vanessa's body stiffened slightly. Noticing the change right away, Zac squeezed her close to his body. "We're going to be alright, you know," he whispered. She glanced up at him shyly before dropping her head once again, avoiding his gaze. "I know you're worried, but you don't have to be." He reassured her.

"I'm not worried about us," she clarified as she nervously fiddled with the comforter. "After the fall we've just had, the idea of three months apart doesn't scare me." She chuckled bitterly. "I mean, I know we can do it - that we're strong enough to handle it," Zac nodded in agreement. "But it's just that..." hesitating, she groaned and rolled her eyes. "God, this is gonna sound so pathetic!"

"What is it?" Zac urged, softly. "Tell me."

She looked at him, uncertainty in her eyes, but seeing his support radiate through his blue orbs, she continued. "I don't know what I'm going to do when you're not around." She stated sadly. "Since...the whole..." Reluctant to bring up the past she rephrased her sentence. "Since September you've been here. When I felt mad or wanted to cry or...just couldn't be at home or talk to my Mom about something, you were here. It was so good to know you'd always be here - even sometimes when you weren't physically here, I'd come over - I didn't always tell you -" she added, laughing. "But I just liked knowing that I could be here and...feel safe and just...block everything out. That - being alone - that's what scares me."

Zac had known she'd been left feeling vulnerable, exposed, but to here her actually express it was something different and as he watched her, an open book, a lone tear landing on her still-flushed cheek, his heart broke for her and all he wanted was to stay and hold her in his arms. Failing that, he could comfort her in the few hours they had left and he planned to do just that. "Baby, I might not be here but you're never going to be alone. I'm always going to be here - even if you...see something funny when you're walking down the street and you want to tell me then it's cool - call and I'll be there on the other side." His palm caught the tear that fell from her dark lashes. "We can make it work, Van, I know we can. We just have to think positively - think about how awesome it'll be when we get back together, what we're going to do on our first night. ...'Kay? You've got to trust me, we'll be okay."

She made no comment on the words he had just spoken. All that left her lips was a simple, yet emotionally loaded, "I love you."

He pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss, one so soft she felt as though she were dreaming, before whispering against her lips, "I love you too." in return. "By the way," he said a short while later. "Those times when you used to come over while I was on set, I always knew you'd been here when I got back - that Pink Sugar of yours always gives you away." He laughed, remembering all the days he'd come home and open his front door to be greeted with Vanessa's scent. His hopes would climb as he'd picture her curled in his bed, ready to jump into his awaiting arms. But he walked through his apartment expectantly, they would be dashed as he found it empty, with nothing but her lingering smell.

"But why-" Vanessa began to ask.

Cutting her off, Zac shrugged. "I wanted you to feel like you could tell me and I knew when you were ready, you would."

"Thank you." She whispered with gratitude.


Swatting through the darkness in attempt to stop the incessant ringing of the alarm clock, Vanessa softly called, "Baby," as she tried to wake a sleeping Zac. "Baby, you've got to wake up." She pushed him more firmly, but as she too was tired even her strongest of pushes weren't amounting to much. As her hand once again pressed itself to Zac's chest, getting ready to push, Zac's fingers encircled it, and pulled Vanessa down on top of him. Struggling to release herself from his grip, Vanessa moaned, whilst saying, "Zac, you've got to get up. You'll miss your flight."

"But I'm tired." He complained, still holding her tightly, never wanting to let her go.

"I told you last night, but noo Zac didn't want to sleep, he had other things in mind." She teased.

"Hey, cut me some slack. I'm leaving for three months, I think it's more than normal for a guy to want to...enjoy the feast before the famine." He said with a sly smile. "Besides, don't make out you were complaining yesterday. In fact, the only thing I remember hearing you say was," he began panting wilding and then threw in a few preliminary screams for added effect. "'Oh, Zac! Don't stop, Zac! Your so big, Zac!'"

Vanessa cut in abruptly. "Oh please! I never said you were big!"

"Oh, but you didn't deny the first two." He laughed.

"Yeah, well, it's a well-known fact that a woman's brain can barely function in that situation. I probably didn't know what I was saying."

"Liar." Zac said as his fingers began attacking her, tickling each part of exposed flesh while she thrashed and screamed and begged for mercy. When he had ceased his torture of her, they lay in silence, until Zac, with a sorrowful tone, said, "I really need to get up, don't I?"

She noticed that his question wasn't a rhetorical one, but had the tone of hope, as though he believed she would shake her head and tell him that he could stay. Unable to say the words aloud, the newly-formed lump in her throat not allowing her to speak, she just nodded, staring deep into his large baby-blues.

Momentarily breaking their gaze, he sighed, squeezing her tightly, before saying, "I better get the ball rolling."

Taking his cue, Vanessa rolled off of him so he was able to stand, smirking to herself as he wandered nude around his bedroom, trying to allocate his discarded boxers. As he found them, pulling them up his legs, Vanessa said, "I bet you knew where they were all along. You just wanted to show off didn't you?"

"I wouldn't call it showing off," he said cockily. " you a final treat." He winked.

"You're so damn full of yourself." She scolded as he headed towards the bathroom, the water from the shower being heard.


Vanessa climbed out of bed, pausing to pull on the green hoodie from the night before, her phone in hand. Moments before her phone had rung, and upon answering, she heard the bouncy voice of Stella, explaining that she, Greg and Gina had wanted to say goodbye to Zac. She walked into the living room where she saw Zac, ironing (when Zac ironed, he always managed, somehow, to make the clothing look more creased than it had originally), bare-chested. She walked over, handing the phone to him, saying, "My family wanted to say goodbye."

Taking the phone, he smiled at the gesture. Knowing how close Vanessa was to her family, it meant a lot to him when they included him in such a way, making him feel as though he had been accepted by them rather than someone they were just putting up with. "Hey," he said.

"Hey, Zac," Stella, twelve and full of life was the first to speak. "We wanted to say goodbye." She said.

"Aww, thanks,"

"Have you finished packing, yet?" Gina asked. Gina was always the first of the family to ask the practical questions. She had always been fond of Zac, she and Starla were the first to suspect their children's' relationship may develop into more than originally expected, and since he had moved out to LA, had treated him like her son, stepping in when his own mother was unable to.

"That's the first thing my Mom asked me - I just got off the phone to her - yes, ma'am, I've finished my packing. I actually packed like a week ago - I wanted to make sure that I could really use these last few days, I didn't want to be occupied with any travelling stuff."

Are you excited?" Stella asked.

Zac hesitated. "Uhh...Yeah...I am - I really am - I'm know...going to miss the creature comforts." As he spoke, he placed an arm on Vanessa's waist, pulling her against his chest and kissing her cheek.

“Just think of it as an adventure, this may be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life. You might fall in love with that place and-”

Vanessa cut in to Greg’s speech. “As long as he doesn’t love of so much he never comes back.” Her head was still buried in Zac’s chest, but even though her voice was muffled, Greg, on the other side of the phone, heard his daughter clearly.

Laughing, he said, "Had you let me finish...I was going to say that he might fall in love with the place and you guys could travel back there in the future."

"Oh." Vanessa giggled.


His car due in minutes, Zac and Vanessa lay together on the sofa, savouring their last moments together. Zac was about to speak but Vanessa shushed him, her finger pressing against his lips, silencing him.

She whispered and explanation, "I'm listening to your heart-beat." She closed her eyes, quietly humming in contentment. Soon after, her lips brushed over his heart and she raised her head to look at him. "When I was little, my dad used to come say goodbye before he'd leave to start his shift - I never realised then but looking back I guess if anything happened in one of the fires, he wanted to know he'd said goodbye. Anyway, I'd hug him real tight, and listen to his heart beating. It might sound strange but it was so strong, I used to think about it if I couldn't sleep or if I got scared. It made me feel safe."

"Is mine strong?" He whispered.

"Yeah, but in a different way. Your's is more gentle than my dad's, I like it."


Her eyes were pricked with salty tears, but she didn't want to cry, she didn't want to make him feel bad. "You know uhh...the second you get to your hotel you have to get the internet up, then you can get iChat working."

"Ummm...yeah, definitely." He could feel her breathing deeply on his chest, and knowing she was trying to restrain her tears, he buried his head into her mass of curls. "I'll call you the second I land. I promise."
Zac's phone vibrated and they stared at each other, knowing what the received message was. Neither knew what to say, instead they both stood in silence, walking slowly, reluctantly to the door of the apartment. They stood in silence, for as long as possible putting off their separation. Zac cupped Vanessa's cheek gently, lowering his head to kiss her. Their eyes closed and their hearts pounded in a way it hadn't since their very first kiss, years ago under the Utah moonlight. At first there was no movement as their lips met, but soon they began to move across each other, the velvet-softness making it almost impossible to part. His lips brushed hers one final time, before he picked up his case, his hand on the handle of the front door. He didn't say goodbye - goodbye meant something permanent - he simply smiled, and said, "Call you when I get there. I love you."

"I love you too." He had almost disappeared behind the door when Vanessa called, "Babe, I'll be waiting." She smiled at him and blew a kiss, laughing as he caught the air-kiss, holding it dearly to his heart.

Always Together (chapter 2)

Not much to say for this except that this is the second chapter and I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think :)__________________________________________________________________________________________

"Babe?" Golden dust covered Zac's face as he entered his apartment, the stream of sunlight warming his features. Calling once again for Vanessa, he dropped his keys onto the glass table, the metal keys clanking as they hit the surface.


His feet carried him further into his apartment in search for his girlfriend (he was certain she was there, for they had planned to spend their final night together). As he made his way through his home - weaving through discarded clothes and haphazard skate boards - a smile graced his face. It wasn't the largest place you could find - especially in Hollywood - it only had the basics: a bathroom, kitchen, living room and two bedrooms - one for him (and Vanessa) and a spare, so he was able to accommodate any of his friends. But it was his. A place where he could be his own person, have his own space. Somewhere that he'd grown to and grown in. As he crossed the threshold into his living room (pausing to place his brown grocery sacks on the kitchen counter), he took a minute to settle himself on the edge of his oat-coloured couch. Memories that were held in the room rushed back to him, playing vividly, as if he were watching a live show commence right before him. The sunlight oozed through the dark brown blinds of his window, acting as a projector.


Small fingers disturbed his sleep, prodding him in his side. Groaning, he attempted to swat the distraction, but they persisted, more determined than before.


"Hmmm?" His annoyance was obvious.


"Zac," Lowering her head, Vanessa pressed her plump lips to Zac's cheek. "Baby, wake up." She cooed.


He feigned the sounds of sobs, the corner of his lips turning down. "Huh?" Squinting, he slowly opened an eye, seeing his girlfriend's blurry image before him.


Taking a hand, she shielded his eyes from the burning sun, knowing the intrusive light would aggravate him in his sleepy state. "Baby, why don't you go into the bedroom? You'll sleep better," She suggested.


"I'm tired. We didn't finish 'till three." His words were groggy, almost indecipherable.


"I know," She hated seeing him like this, worn and tired. It had been the third time that week that she had come to hang out, only to find him in a near-unconscious slumber after hours of exhausting filming. "But you can stretch out and everything inside -- it'll be better, I promise."


"We're meant to go out." He had promised her a date for that evening.


"I don't really feel like it now, anyway -- maybe later. You should sleep." Crouched beside him on the wooden flooring, her fingers continued to rake through his hair.


"Fine," He laughed - only slightly as he felt somewhat weak - as Vanessa shrieked, as her body collapsed on top of him, his arms wrapped around her waist. "I sleep, if you sleep." His words were accompanied with a soft kiss to her head.


Feeling her legs were pinned down, trapped by his foot, she knew there was no negotiating and surrendered to her fate. "You sure drive a hard bargain, Zachary. But I guess on this one occasion...". Her head burrowed into his chest, her arms tying themselves around his body.


Shifting slightly to create a more comfortable experience, Zac whispered, "I love you,"


"Love you too."


"And we're still going out later."


Smiling he drifted on, hearing the faint hum of his girlfriend. Rapping on the bathroom door, he softly entered, smiling wistfully at the image of his girlfriend laying in the long, ceramic bathtub, her body engulfed in a mass of white foam and her head swaying to the music that seeped through her head phones.


A piercing scream bounced off the bathroom walls as Vanessa's eyes fluttered open and she saw, by the light of the candles, what she first thought was, a stranger watching her in the bath.


Putting his hands up in surrender, Zac calmed her, saying, "Hey, hey, it's only me. It's only me,"


With a hand on her rapidly beating heart, Vanessa began to take deep breaths, splashing water over her face to bring down her temperature that had risen suddenly with fear. "Jesus, I didn't see you come in."


He kneeled beside her, the warmth of the heated grey tiles seeping through his jeans, soothingly kissing her damp skin as he apologised. "I called but you didn't hear me. I always tell you not to put the music so loud when you're in the bath." Though he had warned her previously, he still regretted the scare he had given her and as he continued to kiss her, lightly squeezed her shoulder as she composed herself.


When her breathing had steadied and the shaking of her hands had stopped, she chuckled before raising her head towards Zac and puckering her lips, indicating her want to be kissed. Happily obliging, Zac allowed their lips to meet, her bottom lip being softly imprisoned by Zac's thin, luscious lips. With a final chaste peck, they separated, smiling at each other in greeting.


"You okay?" Zac asked, concerned.


"Yeah, I was just a little freaked, I thought some perv was watching me bathe. ...But it was just you." She added teasingly, sticking her tongue out.


After a short repartee, Zac looked at her, almost nervously. "I need you to stay in the bath for like... forty-five minutes. ...And, no - you can't ask why." He told her.


"You come and tell me to stay in the bath but you don't expect me to question you?"


"I just need forty-five minutes. I want tonight to be special," She knew Zac - knew everything about him. From his most cherished childhood memories to his secret fears, there wasn't a single thing she didn't know. But, no matter how well she knew him, how close they were, she would always fall victim to his enchanting gaze. When girls sighed and screamed at his beautiful eyes, she was more than able to relate to them. She could see him looking his most scruffy, but one thing remained: those piercing blues. Unable to deny his wish, she nodded.

Beaming, Zac stretched across, turning on the faucet so he could top up her hot water. "Love you," He stood, his lips sweeping over her forehead.


"Love you too."


"Forty-five," He confirmed. "Not a second before."




"Zac!" His head peered around the bathroom door, responding to her call. "Baby, could you bring me a towel? I forgot to get one before." She immediately took notice of Zac's dishevelled appearance, but decided to let it go and wait for her surprise.


"A towel? Couldn't you just..." He paused, his eyes hungrily glided down her naked body as the water drained from the bath tub, each second exposing an extra inch of her curved, tanned frame. "Dry naturally? I hear that's much better than rushing the process with...towels." His eyes sparkled mischievously as her body glistened, the water droplets giving her the appearance of someone who had been covered in glitter.


"As much as I'd love to fulfil your weird fantasy of me walking 'round your place nude," She began, sarcastically. "It's kind of chilly out there, so, please, Zac, a towel."


His body slumped as he exited to retrieve a towel for her, and as he left, she heard him mumble, "You make it sound like you've never done it before."




Pulling Zac's dark green hoodie over her head, Vanessa, allowed the heavy white towel to drop to the floor with a light thud and laughed as she heard Zac's voice floating through the door, saying, "Van, you decent?"


"When has that ever bothered you?" She asked cheekily, granting his entrance. She felt herself blush and grow hot as Zac walked in, clad in a grey tank top and ripped denims, and his cobalt eyes fixed on her. It wasn't that she didn't have more than enough clothes of her own at Zac's place - she did practically live there - but she just preferred wearing Zac's. She loved inhaling his musky scent, as the material held her like a warm hug. She loved feeling as though he was always there - especially when they were due to be separated. It was too big for her and didn't display her curves like her clothes did, but it did - much to Zac's satisfaction - do the glorious job of showcasing her legs. It sat just at the top of her thighs, just managing to cover her round bum. Having just been smothered in almond scented body soufflé, her legs gleamed perfectly, the light dancing across her every curve.


"God, you're hot." Zac moaned, darting forward across the soft brush of carpet. When reaching Vanessa, who stood beside the king-sized oak wood bed, his lips attatched to the baby-soft skin of her neck. His hand snuck under the green material, finding it's way to her bottom, squeezing, caressing. As his suckles grew harder, Vanessa began to succumb to him but somehow managed to pull herself away.


"Baby," Her sentence was punctuated with a whimper. "The surprise." She panted.


"It can wait." Her whispered. He tried to reconnect their lips, but with no success. Sighing dejectedly, he said, "Girl's and gifts. ...Alright, come on." He stepped behind her and covered her eyes with his large hands. "No peaking." He instructed and began to walk them towards the living room., sneaking in odd kisses to the back of her neck along the way. She giggled slightly as she felt the environment change around her, from the ticklish, soft, feel of the caramel coloured carpet in his room, to the now cool, hard maple wood of the hall.


She felt him step away from her, but having not been told otherwise, she kept her eyes firmly shut.


"Okay," Zac fussed around a little, making sure everything looked as if it could've been the set of a photo shoot, prepared with artistic precision. ""

Inhaling deeply, her eyelids opened and as if the were connected, her jaw dropped in disbelief. "Oh my, God.'s ... I..." She shook her head in awe, unable to speak. "It's beautiful." She said, finally.


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Always Together (chapter 1)

This is a new Zanessa fic, it won't be that long-probably under 10 chapters. It will focus on the time they spent apart during filming.
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Rated M for language and sexual scenes


Vanessa awoke with a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Two more days. Two more days for her to be with Zac, for them to laugh, talk and just be together. Two more days and she would be alone. Her feet dragged across the maple coloured floor of his bedroom as she made her way to the open-planned kitchen where she heard Zac's rustles. As she reached the door, she saw Zac's black case, highlighted by the sun that streamed through the glass windows; slipping through the blinds, leaning against his desk, packed and ready to go. She took a deep breath suppressing her tears.


Standing at his double-door fridge, a warm smile crept across Zac's face as he felt a pair of slim arms slip around his bare stomach and a pair of soft lips pepper kisses across his muscled back. "Morning." He said, turning to face Vanessa, gathering her petite frame in his arms, his lips caressing her forehead.


"Morning." She whispered back.


He noted her extra grip and the morose tone of her voice as she greeted him and he knew what it was down to. It was still relatively early after the photo scandal and though things had calmed, Zac still felt the need to be with her twenty-four seven; it was his job to hold her when she cried at an unjust comment that had been thrown at her, to calm her when she was afraid of meeting someone new - scared that they would've already made up their mind about her. That was his job, and to have to leave her for three months - with know weekend visits or quick trips home - it was going to be the hardest thing in the world. "You want something to eat?" He didn't know what else to say and hoped that the relaxing environment of breakfast would ease the tension.


"Only if it's waffles?" She said flirtatiously, swinging the hems of his slate t-shirt that she wore.


"Anything Ms. Hudgens. I'd give you the world." Their eyes locked, her heart crumpling at the honesty with which he spoke. His head dipped, brushing his lips softly against hers, before lifting her effortlessly, swooping her off the ground and placing her delicately on the marbled counter top, where he knew she would remain until the breakfast was ready.


A sly smile played on Vanessa's supple lips as Zac reached up to the cupboard, his toned legs stretching, bringing down two large glasses and plates. She stretched her foot out slowly, careful not to draw his attention to her movements, and ran her foot seductively up his inner thigh, slipping it under his black cotton boxers.


He flinched slightly at the first contact, before moaning at the stimulation. "Ugh." He groaned, his blue orbs suddenly hidden as his eye-lids drifted shut and his head threw back. She continued to caress him, a sense of power growing within her as he moaned her name, her small foot moving higher and higher and then forward slightly until she grazed the tip of his member. "Fuck!" His moan was breathy, his long fingers gripping the work top with force.


She jumped off the counter, wrapping her arms around his waist, his body stiff with tension. "You know what I really want?" She whispered, her hand ghosting over his arousal, causing his hips to jolt slightly.


"Tell me." He pleaded, as her lips ran, once again, over his rippled back.


The seductive whisper in her voice disappeared as she returned to normal, a cheeky grin on her face. "I really want you to do more bacon - that isn't enough for me." She gestured at the frying pan that held only six slices of bacon, somehow managing to restrain her laughter at Zac's shocked expression.


"But I - we-" He stuttered, trying to get his head around what had happened as he stared down at his obvious erection.

"Bacon, Zac, bacon!" She clapped her hands together, ushering him towards the fridge, as she returned to her spot on the counter, flicking through an old Cosmo magazine.


"You're an evil woman, Vanessa." He said casually before turning to complete her breakfast.




Zac watched from across the breakfast counter as Vanessa played with her breakfast, poking at the bacon and waffles in a childish fashion. It was as if the golden sun shone straight through her, leaving her open for the entire world to see as it glided over her picturesque face. "Is it okay? You want more syrup?" Zac asked, though he was almost certain that her sudden loss of appetite was no reflection of his cookery skills. "Van," He called again, grabbing her attention.


"Huh?" She asked, dazed.


"Something wrong with it?"


She shook her head, attempting to smile, "No, it's great,"


"Then what's wrong? You never turn down waffles."


She considered telling him everything was perfect but decided against it; Zac could read her like a book and by the time he asked her what was wrong, she knew he couldn't be fobbed off. Besides that, she felt it would be good to clear the air; prepare them for what would be happening. "It's going to be the little things, isn't it? That we miss the most." Her chocolate eyes dropped solemnly once again to the plate of sweet smelling waffles. "Us having waffles for breakfast, me waking up to the smell of you burning something trying to surprise me with breakfast in bed-" The corner of her lips twitched as she reminisced.


"You casually teasing me, getting me hard, and then deciding you want something different." Zac cut in, teasing her. "Yeah, not having those's going to be tough. It's like, when I used to live at home... Dylan and I were always at each others throats - ready to kill, but...when I moved out? I missed having my little brother to yell at." He chuckled slightly, thinking of how ironic the situation had been.


"I don't want you to leave," Vanessa mumbled, a lone tear dripping onto her cheek as she spoke. "And I feel so selfish cuz I know you have to, and it's your dream, and you're so lucky to have this amazing chance and I all can think about, instead of being proud of you, is that I wish you could stay, or that you didn't have to go so far. I mean, I am proud of you, you know that, it's's so hard." As she rambled apologetically her tears streamed, the array of blueberries and strawberries that lay on her plate blurring before her. Her true emotions displayed themselves, no longer wanting to hide, but instead, wanting to be comforted and cared for.


As Vanessa sobbed into her palms, Zac rose from his stool, strode over to her and lifted her fragile body, taking her seat and placing her on his lap. Her face buried deep into his bare chest, her tresses tickling his torso. As his right hand massaged the small of her back, willing her tears to end, Zac's left raked softly through her hair, his lips continually moving over her face; brushing over her eyelids gently, nipping tenderly at her ears. "I don't want to leave any more than you want me to, but we can do three months right? I was in Toronto for six." He reasoned.


"Toronto was different - we were different." She had stopped crying but her voice was still hoarse.


"I know," He sighed. Things had changed considerably since he had filmed Hairspray over a year ago. At that time they were in puppy love; they had recently entered into the sexual side of their relationship and their hormones were raging; they felt a constant urge to be with each other - their dates, more often than not, ending with them laying together, breathless and naked, basking in the afterglow of their intercourse. But now, it wasn't puppy love, raging hormones or teen giddiness, it was real. They felt something deeper than anybody could imagine - even those that knew them best; it was a love, passion, raw emotion that ran deep to their core. They knew each other blind, had absolute faith in one another and trusted each other entirely. She was right; it wasn't going to be the same. "We have to make this work, Van, you know why?" She shook her head, sensing a change in his tone as he brushed a loose curl behind her ear and kissed her forehead. "Because if I can't focus doing that movie, I'm going to have to stay until it's done - and God knows when I'll be back. I can't handle that; I need you okay?" She rolled her eyes. Trust Zac to bring it back to sex. "Sure, as I guy I can take care of myself, but I'll let you into a little secret," He dropped to a hushed tone, looking around his apartment conspiratorially, making her giggle. "It doesn't feel half as good. I can't go too long without one of your almost hand jobs." He burst into laughter as she gasped, shocked.


"God, Efron! You're incredible!" She shrieked, slapping his chest.


"Don't blame me! I'm a guy; we can't help it. Besides, if you'd got the job done earlier, I wouldn't sitting here all tense and unsatisfied now would I?" He quirked his eyebrows, feigning seriousness.


"Maybe I'll have to reconsider my decision." She whispered sultrily against his chest, her lips grazing over his erect nipples.


"First thing you are going to do, Hudgens, is finish this meal," He reassumed his role of the caring boyfriend who always put his girl first. "I can't have you going all Hollywood-thin on me." She protested and he raised the fork to her mouth, allowing the sweetness of the syrup to coat her lips, tempting her. When she continued to refuse, saying she had lost her appetite, he ran his hands softly under the hem of her t-shirt, his fingers ghosting up her leg, brushing across the hem of her girly boxers. "You need to keep you're energy up, babe, we only have two days left." His eyebrows wiggled alongside his innuendo and her lips parted, allowing him to guide the food into her mouth.


She spent the rest of breakfast curled into his lap while he fed her, both of them savouring the moment. When breakfast was over, they returned to the bedroom, snuggling deep under the brown comforter, sharing the occasional sweet kiss as the conversed. They had made a vow that they wouldn't mention Zac leaving until the night prior, until then, they would laugh, sleep, eat and be. They would show their love for each other until the moment he boarded his plane and when that happened, they would find a way to cope, loving each other all the more for their sacrifice.




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